Less Power After Adding G8 Lens on Ortur LM2

I’ve just upgraded the lens on my Ortur LM2 to a G8 lens. The laser focuses down to a super fine point which is great!
However, the part that has me stumped is that the laser seems to be significantly less powerful now than with the stock lens. I’m trying to cut cardboard and the G8 barely cuts through the first layer using the exact same settings that work with the stock lens. I’ve swapped them back and forth to verify.
Another thing to note is that the G8 is only able to focus when it is BARELY screwed into the mount. It is hanging on by the first few threads which seems like a common problem.

Am I missing something? This seems like the exact opposite of what everyone seems to experience. Been searching for an answer but no luck.

I had the same thing with the G8 lens so don’t find this part particularly alarming. I used some teflon tape around the threads to make this a little more secure. If you do this make sure the tape doesn’t cover the actual lens in any way.

This is unusual. Keep in mind, though, that the lens isn’t really intended to increase power. It’s really just changing the focus relative to the original lens to better fit suit certain operations. For me specifically I wanted it to improve cutting operations.

I don’t use the G8 setup anymore but some things to look at:

  1. What’s the actual distance to the material? If I recall, there’s an ideal distance to material for the G8 that you should set before focusing. This will be a different ideal distance from the original lens. I can’t recall the distances but I recall the ideal distance for the G8 was longer than the factory lens.
  2. Check that the lens is actually clean and free of occlusions. It’s possible that the lens came to you dirty. Inspect it and check for optical clarity. A microscope would help here.
  3. Focus - the actual focused dot from what I recall looks different from the stock laser. Try to attain the most “intense” light for the given focus. So as tight as possible, but if 2 similar focus dots has one that appears more intense go with the focus that produces the more intense light.

Overall, I found the G8 much better for cutting operations. Deeper faster cuts with less charring than the stock lens. Your current results are definitely not what I experienced.


I had already tried cleaning the lens, but your comment made me double check everything. I ended up taking the lens out and sticking a q-tip up into the laser module to clean it and now it works so much better!

I must have messed up somehow and gotten dust/smoke up behind the lens while I was swapping them back and forth. It just needed a simple cleaning and now everything is perfect.

Good news. It’s honestly quite easy to dirty-up a lens. Even a test burn on messy material (e.g. MDF) could have been enough to leave a residue on the lens that could kill power.

Anyway, glad you’re getting closer to what you expect from the lens.

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