Less power with iMac

Hi folks,

I’m trying my laser on a iMac now.
But I see a big difference in power.
When I use the same settings on my Windows computer it seems like the laser has more power…
With my iMac only the outside lines (left & right) are done right…

Anyone else had this before?

Thanks for helping!

Kind Regards

The outside lines are actually wrong in this case - you likely didn’t enable overscanning, so that’s where the laser has slowed down before changing direction, and it’s burning stronger there.

Are you using the exact same settings on both machines? In the same units? (a common mistake is using mm/min on one machine and mm/sec on another, then just using “100” for speed and not paying attention to the units)


the outside lines are okay now… But it still seems like with the Mac it has less power than with the Windows computer… Same settings…

Kind Regards,

We have not seen this, running the same job in a mixed OS environment. Please show the settings from both and the results as well, so we can compare as well.

If you could post the files you’re using so we can compare them, that would be helpful. In every case I’ve seen where a user claimed they ran a job on two different computers with “the same settings” it turned out that they weren’t.

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