Letter size not the same

what am i missing here the sizes are not the same.

I assume you are talking about the height values?
The Height property of fonts is not exact - It is generally the height of a capital letter X in the font, but every font has an internal size that is scaled by this height, and the dimensions aren’t required to be accurate. I’m guessing that the text you have there is all lowercase letters - whereas the height value you are setting next to the font name is the absolute maximum height that the font will render - though, as noted, it’s not required to be 100% accurate. This is not something we can control, height is a suggestion to the font - it’s just how fonts work.
If you want a section of text to be exact, simply scale it to the desired height after the fact. Since it’s a vector shape it will scale perfectly without any artifacts.

so dont rely on the font hight then. this was only on 1 letter and thats one hell of a slight difference.

What was the letter? I’m guessing just a regular lowercase letter, which would by definition be less than the set font height, because it’s not a capital letter.

Look at this example below. I’ve chosen 30 for the font height and as you can see the lowercase X is only about 60% of that height but I’ve chosen to include a capital X and lowercase G because it shows nearly the full range for this font. It still only ends up being ~28mm tall but that’s because you also need to leave room for things like accents over the letters in languages that use them.
This is all expected. As I noted, the font height value is just a suggestion to the font of the total maximum height that it’s allowed to be no matter what characters are used. This is simply how fonts work in all applications, not just LightBurn. If we made sure that the line of text was exactly the value set for font height then that would mean that the text would constantly change overall rendering size depending on the text you entered. Which is why, to get an exact size, you need to use the shape width/height options.

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