Letters are junk

I figure I’m missing a simple check box or whatever. Finally yesterday, I have my rotary working. Fill looks fine, but line mode is just weird. We thought it might be a speed issue, but I’ve got 00 set to 20 mm / sec. I even went from 00 to 07 which is TEXT, and lowered my speed to 20. Still no cigar…

Can anyone shed the light for me? Can line mode even be used on a rotary?


It appears that the cup is slipping on the rollers.

Since the cup isn’t driven by a toothed belt you have to reduce speeds and accelerations so it doesn’t lose motion compared to the belt driven rollers.

Which Ruida controller is in your engraver?

Hello J.

I’m not going to sweat it. I’ll just do all text as fill. I’ve got to make up for lost time. Controller? Not sure about that. What ever Monport put’s in the boxes. I will throw a wooden dowel for practice and see if I can get it, but not going to loose any sleep over it.

Be well.

If it’s too fast, It may still lose motion. The problem will likely just look different.

I have a generic 50W blue machine. The model number for the controller was on the obscured bottom edge of the brain-box inside the laser next to most of the other electrical components. The selfie mode on my phone made short work of finding it. :slight_smile:

That model number dictates some of the workflow around rotary mode on laser engravers. It may be quite beneficial to have it handy.

They rarely send us a memo about selected hardware or changes.

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