Letters are sort of Hairy

Hey everyone, just got the Ortur Master 2 laser. Really enjoying using light burn so far. But I have a small issue. My letters are coming our sort of Hairy. I think it happens on my second pass but I think the best way to describe it is after the first pass, the second pass goes slight outside of the first pass causing lines to stick out of my engraving. Any tips are greatly appreciated.

Pre sand the wood 200+ grit. Vacuum the dust off. Apply transfer tape to the surface. Burn. Unmask.

Can you show a picture? What settings are you using?

2 and three passes, 75% power, 250 speed

That looks like you have a belt loose. We see a similar effect on bigger lasers when running really fast, and there are ways to compensate for that in software, but you should start by trying to correct it mechanically - make sure the belts are snug, all the pinions, motor mounts, and everything else in the machine is secure with no wobble or looseness. If it’s still happening after that, let me know.

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