LG900 Controller/Software Options

I’ve got a couple thousand hours on my GWeike LG900, and the laser doesn’t lase. I am going to swap out the power supply (I have a spare), but I really want a controller that is more user friendly. The current controller is the Ruida 6442S. What is a drop in controller for this, and can I have features like what my 3D printer controllers have? I’d like Wifi interface, and something with proper English.

On the lasing problem, it’s either a bad power supply, controller or tube. The tube has about 50 hours on it, so I’m not suspecting that. The ammeter shows no current. The machine boots and homes, the pulse button doesn’t do anything. Oh, it could be the safety switch too. I’ll check that as well. Any other ideas?

How friendly? What should it do that it’s missing?
Just curious since it seems most seem to move to Ruida than away from.

There are lots of controllers out there for laser control, just search for them maybe one has whatever it is that’s missing for you. Most have the same control ports/functions, just name them different.

Probably whey we use Lightburn, simplified, powerful interface to the machine.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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