library failed E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb

Hello, I have just installed Lightburn with the license provided to me by OMTech when I purchased my MAX750 laser.
When I launch the software I get an error message “loading the library failed E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb” could you tell me why please?

Bonjour je viens d’installer Lightburn avec la licence que m’a fourni OMTech lors de l’achat de mon laser MAX750.
Quand je lance le soft j’ai un message d’erreur" le chargement de la bibliotheque a echoué E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb" pourriez vous me dire pourquoi s’il vous plait ?

LightBurn is looking for a material library named “E2_5W_MK1_Library.clb” but cannot locate it at the specified location. Was such a library provided to you?

it is an installation of the software provided by OMTech, personally my lightburn has never had this library and since I installed the software provided by OMTech I have this error message. I looked online for what it meant but couldn’t find anything. I contacted the OMTech service, they did not respond. that’s why I asked the question here, you never know, it might be a well-known library :grin:

LightBurn ships with no material libraries by default. If you want to get rid of the error you have the safer option, and a risker option:
The safer option - Create a new material library with the exact same name and location specified in the error. Then unload the library, then delete the file that you created
The riskier option - Open the prefs file, locate the entry for the missing library, remove the entry, and restart LightBurn

If you don’t have familiarity with JSON files then I’d suggest doing the safer option.

thank you, I am a little familiar with lightburn I will find a way to remove this error message but I would be interested in knowing what this mysterious library is for :blush: as you tell me that OMTech does not provide a library I will delete this thing.

It’s a material library entry. CLB stands for “Cut library” as-in Material library.

I don’t know if they do supply libraries. I did not get one with my OMTech. But I also didn’t buy LightBurn from them.

This also seems like an entry for a 5W laser. I’m not aware of OMTech selling any 5W machines. Is it possible this entry wasn’t actually part of anything from OMTech?

Did OMTech actually provide you the LightBurn installation file? Or you just used the provided license on an existing installation?