Library failed to load message on startup

I am running windows 10. For some reason everytime I start Lightburn I keep getting these error messages saying “library failed to load” and shows me a path and an option to click “ok.” I get these pop up windows exactly 3 times, every time I start or open Lightburn and I have to click “ok” to get them to go away. This has been ongoing for some time now and I have just been ignoring it but its getting really annoying. I just recently upgraded to version 1.1.03, but the 3 other previous versions were doing this too. Can someone please tell me why and how to fix it. I have the same version installed on a second windows 10 pc and it also does the same thing. Thanks in advance

Not sure if what you’re seeing is related to a material library or art library but the approach in this post should work for both. See if this helps. You may need to do this for 3 separate libraries.

If this doesn’t quite fit can you take a screenshot of the messages you’re getting?

I have a similar problem where I get a similar warning about failing to load the library but the Library it is looking for does not exist. I have searched all over the Lightburn software but cannot find the location that seems to be pointing to this non-existing library. I looked all over my directories but still could not find any .lbart files. How can I delete this library reference within Lightburn software? Lightburn will not respond until I delete at least two of these warnings.

Did you try the remediation approach described in the linked post? If not, give it a try. It’s worked for others.

Thanks but This didn’t work. I might have created something when I was learning Lightburn but I can’t find the "material Library. I do not have a problem with the Art Library. But to be honest I’m not sure what library it is looking for. I’ll grab a screen shot to show you the message I get. It says it is looking in a ONEDRIVE location but there is no such file in that location that is why I am trying to remove any reference to it.

The Material Library is normally found as a tab next to the Laser Window. Make sure the library is enabled with Window->Library.

Once enabled, go to the library and create a new library with the name “Grayscale image.clb” and make sure to put it in the folder specified.

If done correctly that will eliminate the error.

It worked. Thank you.

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