Library Meterial Problem

I added a new material to my library and when I save it and close and reopen lightburn it only show the last material and looses the other ones I can’t get to save multipul materials

i wonder if you are giving each library item a unique name?

if you use the same name it will overwrite the previous item, then you will only have one entry in the library.

i have dozens of items in my library, all very carefully named, and i never lost an item.

Have been doing some recent testing and all is working as expected. Please provide details to reproduce the behavior you are experiencing. OS? LightBurn version? Need more info, please.

You can’t have multiple materials in one library? It shows both of them until I load?

If I save the library and load it the xxx material disappeared

Yes - you can as shown above.

Have a look at this for more details on how the ‘Materials Library’ works and how to set it up.

I am able to reproduce this behavior. It appears that if you create a new entry using “Create new from layer” it works as expected, but duplicating an existing entry and editing it is not keeping the new one. I’m investigating.

This is a bug, and has been fixed.

The problem was that you copied an existing material, then renamed the material itself, rather than just creating a new one. There was some code under the hood that didn’t update the list of materials correctly when you renamed one, and that caused anything “under” that material not to save. This will be fixed in the next release.