Library presets missing

I have looked and noticed the material library has presets, i open my library and i have no presets. How do i load the presets?

LightBurn does not provide library presets. The Materials Library is yours to fill out with the settings you have tested to work well with your system.

This might help you get started.

Is there a way to enter materials and settings without starting a project/ layer?

No - you need one to start things. Once you have a single entry in your library you can just duplicate it and change it in place, but the assumption is that you would run a test (or many) and then once you have a setting you know is correct, you would copy it into the library with the appropriate material name. It would be pretty rare for someone to create one blindly.

I could create material, temperature and speed easy. but i see what you are saying.

New to emblazer, how do I change my material preset to Cut? At the moment my 3mm Plywood says Fill, Image or Line?

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