Library - reorder materials

Hi Oz,
Now when i have many items in my library, I wish to:

  1. see the Library file name in use in the library window header.
  2. to be able to nest and reorder my materials in new upper group placeholder, so all woods under WOOD, all plastics under PLASTICS, and so on.


That already exists, just not in the window header. In your screenshot, the text “LIGHTBURN” right above the settings lists is the name of the file.


This is currently not possible. It’s strictly Material Name > Thickness > Description. You could, however do something like:

  • Wood: Cherry
  • Wood: Balsa
  • Plastic: Acrylic
  • Plastic: HDPE
  • etc

For the material names and then things would stay in order. It’s possible we could add a “category” option for further grouping. Would that satisfy what you are looking for? We’ve had a number of other library related requests lately and that would be a good one to add to the list.

Hi Adam, Thank you for your reply.
Yes, all that you said makes perfect sense to me.

  1. Regarding the library name - it was staring at my face and I managed to miss it. I have multiple libraries and backup so now i know what is loaded.

  2. Adding category is the way to go so please consider adding this feature. it will make a big change for the better.

Speaking of which, I was debating with myself whether it would be wise to add to the library a global power factor which will default to “0” so in case we see a change in laser performance we can change this value up like “+1”, “+2” and so which in turn will add the change to all of the cut settings in all materials.

I know this is tricky. I am just thinking out loud.
I know that this might add confusion, but it can also help in continue using a degraded tube a bit longer without changing each and every material settings.

A penny for your thought.

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