Licence expired

My licence expired and my lb is crushed down,what I can do

I can see only this message

What were you doing when you got the crash? Does it crash on start up?

No I was cut some plywood,is it mether with licence,becourse my is expired

I have pay 30 dollars for new licence becourse it is not possible to upgrade lb

Your statement is confusing. LightBurn offers only one $30 product, which is our Renewal. The Renewal adds an additional 365 days to your expiry date providing access to updates during that time.

Is this the “upgrade” you are talking about?

My lightburn is crash down just like that during cuting some plywood,I have to try to upgrade to 9.10 but it was not possible becouse my licence is expired,I have pay this 30$ for licence

I have this message box on my pc,what can I do?

You say LightBurn crashes and show a picture of the message. Thank you for that. LightBurn should not crash. You also say that “…crash down just like that during cuting some plywood…” but you do not offer more exacting details.

As @Blake asked,

Please provide the details and we can help.

As for purchasing the “$30 for license”, you are purchasing a Renewal, providing you with another 365 days of updates to your existing license. You are not buying a new license.

The email receipt identifies that we are processing your request and it can take up to 24 hrs to update things on our end.


You will not be sent anything other than the email that tells you we are processing the order. You should see that you have access to updates from the ‘Help’->‘License Management’ page once the processing is complete.

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