Licence key , and laser sometime do what he want not what i want

I buy licence key and now question is, i have to computers can use it on both without problems??
also if i change computer how i can move licence key on other lap top , i just put it in program on new computer and that all. wneh i had trial we had a problems that laser when you give him start to do somethink he just start writeing ortur on wood board…is that becouse i did not have licence key or is program mestake

You may use the license key on two computers with no problems.

You may use the License Portal to change the licensed computers. You are welcome to use LightBurn on two computers.

This can be caused by license issues. It is more common in software not downloaded from the official site. If you have purchased the key from LightBurn, please download the software from LightBurn.

If the mysterious writing still appears, you are welcome to attach a picture of the writing or unanticipated engraving to a reply here. We may need to do some more analysis.

tnx for answers , its downloaded fom official page lightburn…if hapens that again make mestake i will contact you…but i have anather question i can not function APPLY PATH TO TEXT

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