Licence KEY not being accepted, again!

Well after 20 plus times of entering my purchased license ID number, the software continues to ask for my license key EVERY BOOT UP in fact, now it tells me I am at my activation limit, what gives here /???

Why am I still seeing a TRIAL ???

You may not be are of it, but typing in CAPITALS, is like shouting, and is not the best way to get help. Being polite is the proper way to ask for help. That being said, has anything changed on the PC you are trying to activate the key on, such as a hardware change, or a re-installation of windows?

I CAN’T answer WHAT IS UP with YOUR SYSTEM, but I can say that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT NORMAL. Are you running on A CORPORATE MACHINE or have any software that MIGHT be preventing LightBurn from storing INFORMATION IN YOUR REGISTRY OR USER PROFILE???!??!??!!

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