Licence key windows + linux

When you purchase a licence key which as I understand it can be used on two computers. Can the one key be used for both a Windows laptop and a Linux laptop ? Just a few days into my trial and very impressed so far.

Welcome to the club, and yes, you can use LightBurn on 2 different computers no matter what operating system you want. In addition, you can attach all the laser machines that you have.

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Thanks for fast reply.

i have a CO2 laser 100W. Which license do I need to purchase to work in the program?


The DSP license. What kind of controller do you have? You already have the Ortur so if you use LightBurn you already have the Gcode version and you can upgrade your current license if you already bought a license for it.

I don’t have Ortur anymore. I now have a CO2 laser with a Ruida 6445 controller.

If you used LightBurn and paid for it, then you need the upgrade code.

If you DIDN’T buy the GCode version for your Ortur, then you need the full DSP.

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