Licence Renewal, gain 2 months..updates in 2nd year!

Been reading a bit of a saga on license renewal and if and when updates when made apply to the renewed licence! I add to that…if I renew my licence before expiry date…do I get the added 2 months extension…and any/all updates in the 14 month period?
I accept being a member of the brain dead and apologise if this does not make sense.

It’s all explained clearly in the official documentation on how the LightBurn License works here:

I believe so. If not, come back to me and I’ll arm wrestle for it.

It’s a little convoluted and has generated some vigorous internal discussion. The licence system should do it all automatically when you renew early and you should see it at that time.

Well my renewal if early August, so mid July I can renew ……then wait to see what happens!

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