Licence Renewal Period

I renewed my Licence today and already I only have 349 days left. Is it not supposed to be 356 days?

If your license expired two weeks ago, you’ll be adding 365 days to that date, not the day you renewed. It’s done this way so you don’t gain anything by waiting to renew - I don’t want to reward people for trying to cheat.

So if I wait a year after my license has expired I will have to pay $60 to renew?
Are your license terms defined somewhere? Currently it’s very confusing as I only read statements about paying $30 renewal fee to receive updates… nothing about the time period that covers.

We’ve very cleverly hidden the terms in plain sight, where no one will find them:


If you purchase LightBurn on Jan 1, 2000, you will be allowed to install any release that was built between Jan 1, 2000, and Dec 31, 2000.

If you renew, you will now be able to install and use any release built between Jan 1, 2001 and Dec 31, 2001. It does not matter when you renew. You could renew the day after you purchase your license, or two years later - you’ll still get access to the same releases. It is done this way to prevent people from trying gain advantage by waiting to renew.

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Thank you. And yes… who reads the terms and conditions anyway? :wink:

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Please , try to dont be so arrogant. Arrogance doesn’t make you smarter. After you tolk with me with the same arrogance i just search you posts in the " support forum " . You treat in same way many users who pay money for you software. So , first advice , take it easy and be more polite and second any problem have at least two solutions. Thanks

Perhaps it’s not so much arrogance as it is frustration at users who ask before doing any research on problem resolution, either here on the forum or in the LB documentation.

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