Licence will not stay activated....AGAIN!

my PAID license continues to FAIL to stay activated !!!

Now to ADD insult to injury, I get a message that my activation key has expired !!!

WTF !!!

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Your license is not expired until next year. If you got dropped into trial mode, the trial is probably expired.

You keep yelling with huffy indigence about how you’ve PAID for your license key, and how it FAILS TO STAY ACTIVATED, but you’ve only paid $20 for a makerspace key. I’d normally be quite happy to work with you to resolve this, but you just come across like such an obnoxious pain in the backside that you aren’t worth the $20, so I’m refunding your purchase instead.

You can keep the license key. If you’d like help figuring out why your computer keeps changing stuff that makes our license system think it’s a new machine constantly, please let me know, calmly and politely. If you can’t be calm or polite, I’d prefer not to hear from you again.



thank you for your clear message here , encouraging us all to be civil.

I have worked with developers for 30 years and you are without doubt the fairest and most honourable developer i ever had the pleasure to purchase from.

i read almost every post on this forum.

Your generous and fair licensing policy, and your willingness to help anyone at anytime has set a superlative standard which i do not see replicated anywhere else.

You have a two machine policy for licenses, yet you will often be generous and flexible where it helps a user with a third laptop.

you repeatedly answer the same questions for people who really should be able to find the answers themselves.

Your pricing is very low, reflecting a user base that is often low-profit or hobby. Yet you continue to improve the software beyond our expectations.

i am amazed when shouty people are unable to reason…

“ thousands of users are successfully using this software every day, so the problem could be either ME, or MY setup”

The positive tone and camaraderie on this forum is such a joy.

Please continue to provide us with superb software, and world class support, and i am sure i speak for many when i applaud you for refunding people who do not have the core decency or intellect to realise what a gift we have in Lightburn and its team.

thank you.


You should definitely add a tip the dev button somewhere on the site :wink:


Buy a t-shirt. :slight_smile:


You forgot the link.

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