License - 2nd Computer Issue

I received Light burn and license with my Boss 1420 laser. I have LB v0.9.16 on 2 laptops. The 1st one has had no issues at all. I installed LB on the 2nd laptop under my user name. Everything seemed to load and activate as it should. My wife logged onto the same computer with her log in and it showed they have a temporary license. I entered the license code on her computer and closed/opened LB multiple times and everything looked good. She was working in LB yesterday and received an notice here license was going to expire in x-days. It showed she had a temp license again. I entered the key again and it worked fine all last night and for several hours this morning. At some point the license key was lost again. I loaded the license key again and it is working at the moment. I the last 2 times I loaded the license key I closed/opened LB several times and restarted computer several times and it seemed to work. Hoping this time works but thought I would throw this out there to see if you have any ideas what could be happening.

In addition it seems the files she has been working on will move over and flip when she opens them. This only seems to happen after she loses here license and it reverts back to a trial license. It worked fine for a couple hours and then reverted back to a temp license again.

Hi Mike, have you looked here in the License Portal ?

I can’t have you post your key here (and I’d need that as the starting point if it came with your laser), and some people are prickly about us showing even basic things like machine names, so this is better handled over email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com. Send an email with your key number and a link to this thread or a description of what’s happening and we can have a look.

Make sure both computers have the origin corner set the same - files will flip like that if the configs have the origin in a different place.

I had not but thanks for pointing it out. It is a 3rd party license that came with my Boss. I sent the product key and other information as requested below and asked that they link my license to my email so I can use it in the future.

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