License de-activation limit reached

Dear Lightburn team.

I’ve tested my laser with a number of pcs and operating systems in order to find the most performant in terms of efficiency. I even requested that the limitation to use lightburn in a virtual pc was removed to be able to use lightburn Inside the windows virtual machine I have installed in my ubuntu server and a Raspi on the other end. Now I’ve decided that the best I can use is my kubuntu Asus N4500 laptop cause it only spends about 5 watt per hour but I can’t use my license anymore cause I’ve reached the maximum number of deactivations. I know you do this to avoid license sharing but wouldn’t that be easier based on the IP? I don’t get it, it’s the first time I face this problem with any software I’ve bought. Anyway, do I need to buy a new license to be able to keep looking for the best PC for my workshop and hope I don’t change my mind in the future? Sorry, I love your software and think it’s great but… Come on! Not even S3D has this limitation.

You’re correct that this limit is in place to prevent licenses from being shared or misused. If you contact us at and explain your situation just as you have here, we can increase the deactivation limit for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I was able to bump your deactivations, providing you an additional 5 deactivations. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Rick! I’m a computer hoarder and thought of giving my old laps a new purpose but none of them convinced me. Not to mention my old DIY desktops which are so power hungry that it was a pain in the wallet to have them hours on just to run gcode. I know I could simply put the code in the SD card but I don’t like that too much either… I then went the mini pc way and bought 3 beelink products and found they were great for my daily use so rather than keep them at my workshop, I gave them a better use (not without testing all my loved software in them -LightBurn included-). Anyway, thanks again, I promise that I’ll be more careful now.


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