License issue after updating to v0.9.22

  • Started V0.9.21 (loaded and fully functional)
  • Got update to V0.9.22 available message
  • Updated to v0.9.22
  • after starting app : got license page (“We’d love to make Lightburn free, but…”)
  • entered my valid license key (still 480 days or so left)
  • getting “Activation limit for key has been reached”
  • Lightburn won’t start anymore.

I’ve 2 PC’s for Lightburn: one on my CAD-PC, one on a small PC controlling the laser in another building.
This configuration worked fine until now.

I downgraded again to V0.9.21 and ran to my surprise into the same issue.

Could a network card issue I had earlier this week, cause this behaviour?

Any suggestions?



Yes, it could. You can clear the current activations and re-activate the computers you’d like using our License Management portal.

That list is empty. :thinking: (Cryptlex)

I see what is happening. The email address for you key is different. I have changed it to match, so it should show now. Please let us know if you experience any issues with this.

Up and running again!
Thank you for the excellent support!
:grinning: :ok_hand:

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