License key number

Hello my name is Cecil I purchased Lightburn a month or so ago. But I ordered another laser from Endurance laser and it was not working with the Ortur that I had originally. I have had help and removed the Endurance laser now the Lightburn software is not working properly. My question is if I uninstall Lightburn and then reinstall it do you think that would help? If so can I plz get my license key number again so that I can remove the program and then re do it

Uninstalling won’t remove the key, or do much else for that matter - all settings are stored elsewhere so updating the software doesn’t wipe them. I’ve PM’d you your key, but I suspect your issues with the Endurance system aren’t installation related.

Can you explain what you mean by “the LightBurn software is not working properly”? That’s not nearly enough to go on. In what way is it not working? Does it not see the laser? Does it not move? Do you get errors in the console? Be as specific and detailed as you can - it makes it much easier for us to home in on what the issues are.

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