License Portal doesnt show my key

DO NOT post your License Key

I had to replace my computer. The license portal doesn’t show my purchase or key?

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They send your key to the email address you used when you registered the software/trial…

Go though your email, if you didn’t delete it, it should be there…

The license portal should show what machines you are authorized.

The right email is key to this…

If all else fails… contact support…


I have the Key. But the old PC is still registered.

You can un-register the old pc via the portal…


Unless the key was bought through a reseller and is not yet reassigned… :wink:

I’ll take a look to see if support has picked it up or if I can fix it. :slight_smile:

I see that there is a different midsouth Gmail address (starting with sth) … in our license tool. Now that i’ve found it I can knock out either desktop. Just let me know if you want to either keep or discard the computer name ending with RE9 or ending with QFU. :slight_smile:

…or if you can log in and solve it on your own. Standing by. :slight_smile:

Thank you. If you can knock out both, that would be great.

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Looks like it’s been sorted, New Computer name ending IJJ.
It wasn’t anything that I did.

Thanks again, I used the other email and had success.

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