License Renewal Not Applied

Hello, i don’t know if you guys are still doing manual license renewal.
If that’s the case, if I just paid my renewal, do I need to do something after payment.???

By the way, a couple of weeks ago posted about suddenly USB connection wasn’t working.
Tried to reply to the post but was already closed.
The problem was that I had installed a Digital tablet, and USB connection wasn’t working. Had to delete the software and now it works. (wasn’t able to get both things to work together, but LB is a MUST to be able to work, so preferred to delete the tablet software)

sorry for posting other content besides the original topic…

Your renewal was processed about an hour ago. The system usually picks it up on the next run or two, but it can take longer sometimes.

It’s possible that the USB tablet installed a driver that conflicted with the one required by your controller.

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Hello, I just verified to see if license renewal had been applied. On the days remaining I see 86 days instead of 365 . Thanks !!!

The renewal adds 365 days to the end of your expiration date, not give you 365 days from the day you buy the renewal.

Hello Rick, I don’t completely understand how the renewal process works. I honestly thought that after we made a renewal it was for another year to o keep upgrading for another 355 days.

Then when would I need to renew to get 364 days instead of 86???

Is there another communication method with you guys. Thanks

366 days after you first activate LightBurn. The date of first activation sets the countdown clock. 365 days later is known as your expiry date. Renewal is adding to the end of that date.

We provide several channels depending on the inquiry. Can you share what you are looking to communicate so I can best direct you?

You purchased a license on Feb 16, 2018, which would put your expiry at Feb 16, 2019. Based on our renewal policy, your renewal would normally add one year to that date, bringing you to Feb 16, 2020, however since you purchased early, you were given an extra 6 months.

Oddly, no one has ever complained about the extra time received, but there’s been no shortage of complaints about the reduced time, even though the policy is clearly stated where you purchased:



Iam not complaining, I was just asking since it wasn’t very clear the days it shows.

I was on the understanding that if I renew license today I had 365 days. It’s very logic to users to understand this.

for I have read some other people also have doubts regarding this. Since it’s not very clear to us.

No one is complaining, Iam just asking so I can understand why is this happening.

What is going to happen, when i make another renewal in some months ???
Since my licensed expired in February 19 …

The current renewal system adds one year to the expiry date of your license. You could renew again tomorrow, and again the day after, and you’d bump your expiry date forward by a year with each renewal - it doesn’t matter if you buy them early or late, they have the same effect.

If you renew your license on the day it expires, you get 365 days from that day. If you renew your license a month after it expires, it would give you the exact same result as if you renewed the month before.

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