License Stopped Working

Hey gang!

I purchased LB upon release, and a week or so ago it popped up and my license was gone. I had a bunch of stuff to run, so I just activated the trial, hoping it was just a bug.

It was not, and LB now requires activation. How would I go about reactivating this? I was going to purchase a renewed license key as well for updates, however I only have my trial ID.


We should be able to help you if you purchased directly from us. If so, search all your emails, including spam folders, for “LightBurn License Key”. Your key would have been sent to the email used when you place the order so that could be your paypal email.

Copy that key and send it in an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can sort this from our end.

You should also ensure you are running version 9.06, our latest as of this post.

I will do that now! I have all that. Thank you!

Amazing support as always! Thank you!

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