License upgrade question

last june I purchased the lightburn software for my jtech which was the 40 yearly fee. in january I purchased a larger c02 laser and upgraded my software to the 80 ruida yearly fee. I just got a notification of my software no longer licensed. is this normal. I would of thought since upgrading to the 80 in jan it would have moved my yearly date to jan but it did not.

Correct, You upgraded your current key, the expired date for the key is based on the original purchase date. The license key is good forever, LightBurn will continue to work. The expiration notification is telling you, access to future releases and fixes is no longer current and will require a renewal to gain access for another 365 days. This will always be based on the original purchase date of your key. :slight_smile:

thanks rick for the clarification. so either renew for upgrades at the original date to get more bang for your buck or wait it out till the next renew date

You can renew at any time, we are just adding days to the expiry date. If you order early, we reward this with extra time, we provide an additional 2 months to the renewal as a ‘Thank you’ for supporting our efforts. :wink:

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