Licenses for Men's sheds


Here at Trowbridge Men’s shed,, we have a grbl 1.1g based led laser engraver.
I run a weekly techie session for the members where weve been improving a cheap laser engraver a member lent to us. Ive been trying lightburn and have got good results with it.
Is the Makerspace licensing model available to us at the shed and how much is it?


LightBurn does per-seat pricing deals for maker spaces 75% off the standard price. That’s currently $30 for the DSP version, and $15 for the GCode version, and we’ll extend this price to anyone who’s a MakerSpace member, so they can have their own copy on their own computer, to use with job setup for the space.

We can also do floating licenses, where you can install on as many systems as you like, but are limited to some fixed number of concurrent users.

Have the MakerSpace contact us directly to set this up. Send an email to support at lightburnsoftware dot com and reference this post. We can get you sorted there.


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