Licensing fail after upgrade

Running Lightburn today I was invited to upgrade to the latest version. I did this, but now it says I am not licensed and it will not accept my license key. The license is approximately 6 possibly 7 months old, so has not expired. Any tips/help please?
Windows 10 64-bit, Lightburn v1.1.03 (just installed and currently running on trial license). I have lightburn installed on two PC’s - it was one of those I upgraded. I am not going to upgrade the other!
The error was: “…Activation limit for key has been reached - this license is already being used on the allowed number of computers…” Except this was an upgrade to one of those computers!!

Login to the license portal, remove this PC, then try it again. Maybe it believes that you installed on a new computer.

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thank you. Yes that fixed it :grin:

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