Licensing question

My laser and it’s associated computer is located in a remote shop that does not now nor will it ever have internet connection. The laptop that RDWorks is loaded on had never been connected to the internet and never will. Is it safe to assume that I will not be able install, register or run lightburn on that machine because you need to directly access it to verify licenses?
I do not want to waste my time with the trial version if the computer must connect to the internet.

Thanks. Rob

You can do offline activation for a purchased license, but there is no way to do that for a trial. In situations like this it has been offered for you to purchase the software so that you can offline activate it, and if you really don’t like it you could get it refunded. The alternative would be to get some other computer with internet access to install LightBurn trial on to play with.

The trial needs to be connected to the internet exactly once, to verify the trial. A full license can be activated offline, and does not require a network connection ever if you do offline activation.


I can download and play around with trial version on my office computer at work that does have internet.


Ray is also correct in that I have occasionally done a test license or a “money back” purchase, where if you’re unable to adequately test beforehand, I’ll refund you if it doesn’t work or you hate it. A recent update to the license system has added the ability to do offline trials, but I haven’t written the needed parts on my side to support it yet.

My only concern was with the full license and not the trial.
For the past 25 years whenever I upgrade computers I buy two, one that gets connected to internet and one that never gets connected.
Guess which one never has problems and runs just as fast and smooth as the first day it was booted up and never crashes or gets the blue screen of death? The two shop computers (one for cnc and 3D printer and one for laser) have never been connected to the internet and are still running a factory fresh Win10 that has never had a MS forced updates.