Lighburn file does not load entirely

I have been working on this file and have made several projects with it (without closing the lightburn or changing the file on my screen. Once i closed the file and updated to the latest LB version I’m no longer able to load this file, at least not entirely. I’m uncertain if it has something to do with file size (47MB). It keeps giving me error message " Premature end of document. (line 895266?)". Has anyone experienced this type of issues and how have you dealt with it. I spent quite bit of time working on this file and I’d hate to have to start over. Thank you.

Here is the screen shot of error message

Zip / email the file to along with a link to this thread and I can have a look at the file. If it’s telling you that, chances are that the file didn’t finish saving and the XML data is corrupt. Do you have a backup?

I’m having this same issues just today. I downloaded update a few days ago.

Just this morning my husband has received the same message on multiple files he has used many times in the past, (but he hasn’t opened them in a while). We are currently using Lightburn version 0.9.20.

Are you storing these files in a Microsoft OneDrive folder, by chance?

No. It is saved on two separate computers, and two different thumb drives, and the error message is the same in all four places.

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