Lighburn keeps freezing

I recently installed the new updates and ever since then I have trouble with Lightburn freezing up. I will be working in a file then when I switch to a new or recent one it will try to open, but then keep spinning and spinning. When I force close, it tells me that Lightburn “isn’t responding”. So I force close and it tells me to report it. If I try to open it again, it does the same thing. I actually have to shut my Mac all the way off and reboot in order for Lightburn to work again. Then it will work fine for a little bit and then it gets snarky again.

I’m running Sonoma 14.3.1 on my Mac.

Can someone help me with this?


Hi Laura - sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you confirm that your Mac has available storage and RAM when LightBurn is being run?

You can use Activity Monitor to view what’s going on with your Mac hardware wise - Activity Monitor User Guide for Mac - Apple Support (CA)

This is useful for seeing if you have sufficient CPU, RAM, and storage available. If you find LightBurn in Activity Monitor, take a look at the resources being used, and perhaps attach a screenshot for us to view.

Also, are you working from a cloud drive, like Dropbox or Google Drive?

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