LighBurn laser burns slower then other software (and simulation time is off)

I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while without posting, but I’m really scratching my head on this now. I’ve been using the “in house” cheap free software and decided to buy lightburn to get some real capabilities. But LightBurn is burning stuff way slower then the cheap chinese software. The simulation time is also way off (simulation is faster then laser). I did the “Read from controller” for the simulation settings.

Any idea what might be slowing down the laser?

If I need to provide more info then below, let me know.

Setup/Current status:

  • I have a cheap Chinese diode laser setup (first laser, DIY, etc) being run by a Ardiono Nano. Link Here to setup/laser
  • GBRL 1.1h
  • $$

LightBurn ScreenShot 1

LightBurn ScreenShot 5

Set that to $32=1. This enables “laser mode” which means that the laser will not pause at every power change to give the spindle time to change speeds. With this set to 0, the controller is assuming you have a rotary spindle attached, and is pausing to give it time for the RPM to reach the new commanded speed.

This is covered well here: