Light Burn Connection to XTool

I own a XTOOLlaser and it works excellent with Laserbox Basic. Anyway, I installed (tried to) Lightburn but I failed to connect zu my XTOOL device. (is not be found wifi and usb).

I am a little bit pissed - I have no idea what is going wrong! Why is this F… Softare not able to detect my XTOOL Laser?



Did you go through the setup processed described in Xtool site?

How to Configure xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool

User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool

There is also a video from LightBurn that describes the process:
xTool D1 Laser Engraver LightBurn Set Up & First Project - YouTube

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