Light burn crash

i did a windows 10 update and now lightburns cashes all the time

I have noticed that LightBurn is pretty sensitive to low memory conditions. If I have too many tabs open in my browser LightBurn will just disappear (i.e. the program just closes with no message or warning). So I have learned to save my work very often now.

just it open it will still crash

You’re about 7 versions behind on LightBurn - try updating and see if that helps.

LibUsb is the library LightBurn uses to communicate with the Trocen controller. It’s possible that the Windows update broke something it depends on.

so do you have any idea how to fix this

Well, for starters:

Otherwise, I would suggest rolling back that Windows update. If it’s something in the driver itself, I have no control over it.

i have it does the samething i will try again

I would also suggest re-installing LaserCad, and in there, installing the driver again - that might fix what the Windows Update did.

now it says that its busy

Right-click on the “Devices” button to re-connect to the controller. I have heard of this from others, but have never been able to make it happen myself. Are you connecting with USB, or network?

i am using a usb

reinstalling laser cad did the trick thanks again

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