Light burn DSP vs GRBL

Can you lay out jobs as .lbrn files in the GRBL version and import them into the DSP version?

You can, but not all the settings will be available to you in the GRBL version - Min Power, for example, is always 0 on gcode devices. Aside from that, they’re pretty darn close,. and you don’t need to “import” - you can load a LightBurn project file in to any profile, but the settings you couldn’t see on GCode will just be whatever the defaults are for the DSP version.

One other question…would the DSP version interface directly with a Ruida controller, or does it require the RD Works software?

It interfaces directly with Ruida and Trocen controllers, and we’re working on TopWisdom now.

The DSP version of LightBurn works GREAT with Ruida controllers, and getting rid of that horrible RDworks and never using it again is one of the many delightful reasons to buy LB.

(not LB staff here, just a very satisfied customer)

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Yeah, I have the gcode version and it works great! Used to use Laserweb, which was pretty buggy and couldn’t handle large complex burns even on a linux machine.

Going to be buying an Chinesium SH-350 early next year which comes with a Ruida controller.

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