Light Burn & Rotary table

I have a 50w C02, Ruida and Light Burn. I can’t get my rotary to turn much

The tall one in the middle is the Harley bar and shield. Any help is greatly appreciated,
Thank you.

Looks like you need to either adjust the steps for your rotary or make sure you’ve set Lightburn to the correct circumference of the object in Rotary Setup.

Thanks for your reply. I did set the circumference. I think the steps was at 360, and I didn’t change that. I don’t know what that setting does.

I don’t know anything about Ruida or what rotary you have but would have thought the vendor would have included the stepping info? At any rate you should be able to figure it out using the calculations here. by substituting the info of your hardware. Or you could just go by trial and error until you have it right and it rotates 360° when you tell it to.

Thanks! I will look into that link.

The steps number tells the controller how many steps the motor in your rotary needs to take to make one full rotation. What the correct number is will be specific to your motor driver settings, any gear ratio between the motor and the rotary, and so on.

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