Light burn settings

Very new here,
I just read something that i should not use LB for power settings.
I have been using LB for a couple days with usb connected to laser and using LB only for all applications. 50w om tech laser.
Is this ok?

Wherever you read that, blacklist the site so you never have to read such rubbish again.

If your machine accepts pwm power control signals, LB will control power levels.

Yeah, that’s absolutely not an accurate statement. Early on, LightBurn didn’t include the ability to edit machine settings, then it did. Somewhat later we added the ability to save / load them.

In each case it was a matter of wanting to be careful with how it was coded, making sure to verify that everything worked properly before releasing, because it’s one of the few ways we could make persistent changes to a machine and possibly cause issues if we got it wrong.

I’ve also heard cases where machine makers were warning users that their warranties could be voided by using LightBurn, or that it could reflash their hardware, for example, and this isn’t true either. Ruida, Trocen, and TopWisdom are all aware of us, and have actively helped us the few times we’ve asked them for information or help. They’re very aware of what we’re doing, not threatened by it, and generally think of LightBurn as a more user friendly variant of their own software which ultimately helps their sales.

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