Light burn tells me I am out of bounds every time I use current setting and center position

what gives?
Light burn tells me I am out of bounds every time I use current setting and center position
I am about ready to dump this software

trying to do a 4" square. If I use top left corner then Light burn moves 4" Beyond my square then frames.
If I move my object to the position then Light Burn move an another 4" to the right beyond that.

This is addressing a different but similar question and likely applies to you:

I suggest you also take some time to understand the various Start from modes in LightBurn:
Understanding The Different Start From Modes In LightBurn - YouTube

Thanks for your response.

I wasn’t using the jogging controls. I did learn about the positioning and clicking on the little green dots to get the laser head to go to the correct position.

So, kind of have that figured out.

Now, I need to find out why it is not cutting or burning properly even though I am using the exact same settings as the tutorial videos.

I did the keychain last night and all worked fine. Today it will not cut and doesn’t burn with good power.

I have reinstalled the software 5 times and still not working.

I have given up on it for now and will use the XCS software that came with the machine and come back to Light Burn later.

I really like all the functionality Light Burn has but at this point not sure it is worth the challenge.



Either you have a sufficiently different laser than what was used in the video to where the settings are not comparable or possibly you’re using different units for speed and not accounting for the difference. Diode lasers speeds are typically expressed in mm/min. If you’re not already, suggest you switch to that.

This is almost never a fix.

The value curve where payback exceeds learning overhead is quite shallow. Effort is not zero but getting a couple of projects under your belt will quickly bring familiarity. You’ll likely run into the limitations of XCS quite quickly unless you’re doing only very basic things. But of course, if that’s all that you need then no need to go beyond that.

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