Light burn unexpected stop

I put some images together to carve on a glass plate. I’ve attempted 4 times now on a piece of cardboard and light burn quits about 3/4 of the way through the test. I have no idea why it’s doing this?

Without a few more breadcrumbs about what machine you have I’d just be guessing. What do you have, what controller or firmware does it use, how is it connected to the computer, and what OS are you running?

Good point, I’m using an HP laptop with windows 10 and with a mill right carve king. I’ve had this issue once before and I homed the machine, tried it again and it finished the pattern. This time however it did not. I re-homed the machine 4 times and it would not go any farther than pictured.

Does the console say anything? If it’s stopping in the same place, that often indicates hitting the machine bounds or a limit switch.

No error messages. I’m in the center of my work space so there’s plenty of room for it to keep moving, the percentage complete jumps up to 100% and it says it has completed the job.

This kind of thing is usually a communications issue, like a poor USB connection, grounding noise, or a power brownout in the board. If you have homing on startup enabled it will re-home the machine when this happens. If not, it’s harder to tell.

Another possibility - click the “get positions” button and make sure that where it reports (IE where the controller thinks it is) matches where it physically is. It might think it’s going to go out of bounds.

I have homing on startup on, but it never does it. I fired it up and everything worked just fine today!

If you’re running an 8 bit device or an older version of GRBL (pre 1.1f) the pending release should improve the home-on-startup behavior.

Awesome! Do you have any knowledge about using a 7 watt laser on glass? Like speed/power settings?

If your 7 watt is a visible diode, you’re going to have a hard time getting it to touch glass - glass is optically transparent.

You can just etching glass but you have to use black marker first.7 w diodę 100 mm/m 100 % power

Did you just color the side with a black marker first?