Light object T9 controller connection update

Has there been any progress on connecting to the T9 controller from lightobject. I love how easy it is to create project in light burn but, hate that I have to use two programs to get it out to the laser.

It’s been requested but we currently have no ETA. Please add your vote here as it greatly helps us prioritize new features:

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Hi, is the issue you don’t have a T9 to play with and the demand is too low to buy one?

That’s more of a question for @LightBurn - He may be more familiar with that controller. But in general, it’s just a very non-trivial amount of work to reverse engineer the controller’s protocol.

I have one, it’s just a prioritization / time issue. I started doing the work, but we have about 30,000 users at this point, and support takes precedence over new hardware.

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OK, I just have one I could have loaned out.

Very nice offer @joel1! Now, if you happen to have a few extra bags of time…

@Rick Darn, I wish you would have asked sooner. I just gave away my last 2.

Please let us know if you fine any additional bags.

I would like the T9 support, too.

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