LightBurn 0.9.03 released

Select the text, then use Edit > Convert to Path.

It won’t be editable as text any more, but it will hold the shape without the path it was attached to.

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Lightburn releases the latest version but when I tried to install the latest version then it shows an error windows defender error 577, so I want a solution on how to remove this error.

If you’re trying to download with Microsoft edge, try another browser. It seems they are flagging Google Drive downloads for some reason.

I see it says international text entry but I cannot find how to do so anywhere. Was making a design and wanted a different language. All I found was to change lightburns language but not the text when I type a word

You change the keyboard entry on your computer by adding a language to it, then type the text using the international keyboard settings. For example, 你好 is Hello in Chinese. I can type that here or in LightBurn because I have my keyboard set to flip between the two.

LightBurn simply respects the international settings of the operating system.