LightBurn 0.9.05 released


brilliant !!!

thank you for all your hard work and patience on behalf of the laser community, Oz.

amazing update.


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Reading the release notes there is a lot of great stuff in here! Well done to all the Lightburn team.



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I had the license issue so I thank you for the generous fix.

edit: Hmm upon further testing I still get thrown out of the program.

Problem is, I don’t think I can find my old license again to input in the pop up box.
I haven’t re-installed the software or anything like that. It just seems to have forotten that I once had a license.
What do I do?

Thanks for the continued work on LB and a BIG thank you for the Linux fixes!

I’ve sent you a PM. You can’t find your license from the pop-up, though in the new one, if you hit the Renew button it copies it to the clipboard for you, assuming you haven’t tried to activate with ‘License Expired’ as the key already.

Great job !!
Just went for the .05 and got .06 ;-D
Brilliant !!


I see that Ligthburn 0.09.06 is available?

That’s a statement with a question mark on the end. :slight_smile:

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I’ve retrieved my license and all is working again.

Strange that it got deleted… Anyway thanks for the assistance :wink: