LightBurn 0.9.07 released

This isn’t a large release, but it fixes a couple bugs that have popped up that could cause lost work, so I wanted to release this sooner than later. Since this is almost entirely a bugfix release, and one of the bugs could cause lost work, I have also set this one to be usable for anyone whose key has already expired.

It does add one or two new things, with the most notable being the ability to copy from InkScape and paste into LightBurn.


Good job, is it possible to copy/paste from aspire in the future?

I can look - it will depend entirely on what, if anything, Aspire puts on the system clipboard, and whether it’s in a public and usable format. InkScape copies SVG data to the clipboard, so it was quite easy from there.

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Disappointing, but not surprising:

Clipboard data present:

I’ve looked, and it’s binary, not in any obvious format. The effort to reverse engineer it would be significant, for relatively little gain.

You could encourage Vectric to also add “image/svg+xml” format to their clipboard, which would make it compatible with a number of other applications, including InkScape and LightBurn. Aspire has the ability to export to SVG, so they’d just have to “export” to the clipboard. Doing the opposite of it for LightBurn took me about 15 minutes.

I just updated to 0.9.07 and macros stopped working. All other controls work normal until I try to use any macro, Then light burn locks up until I reset the connection. I’m using grbl 1.1f on x-carve. It worked good just before the upgrade, I have restarted multiple times.

Troubleshooting update, I see now that the macros cause the laser to show busy, not lightburn locked up. If I press the canx button on the xcontroller lightburn shows the laser as ready again and I can use it normal. Except macros which repeats the problem

The update changelog said something about sending code 1 line at a time. Could this break the macro send process

It’s possible that it could, yes - I’ll look into this. Can you copy the content of the macro that’s causing problems here? I just want to see if it’s all standard GCode, or if there are any $xx=xx commands too.

It’s all my macros, including one to show settings “$$” and other simple things like setting laser mode on and off.

I would copy and paste them all but I’m in the middle of a big burn and not willing to risk touching it

My updates expire in 39 days time, how much is the renewal for another 12 months of updates?

Since updating today lightburn has froze and required me to force reboot my pc to get it back 3 times now

What were you doing when it froze? Specifics are helpful.

Different things each time…1 trying to save the job file…2 trying to save the preview image…3 trying to trace an image…I removed the latest version and went back to previous version and no troubles since

Which version is your previous version?

V0.9.06 is what I’m running now

That’s surprising - very little changed between those two versions, and nothing that I can think of that would cause the app to hang.

The GCode macro issue has been fixed. Re-download the 0.9.07 version from our website. Since this is the only thing that’s changed, it wasn’t really worth doing a full release cycle.