Lightburn 0.9.09 crashed

Only made STRG+C and STRG+V in Editor Mode (letters) - and this is the result.


To make sure I understand what you did, are you saying that in ‘Text mode’ in the editor, you pressed Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V (copy / paste) and it crashed?

Exactly - before I switched to text editor mode, I created a grid using the Lightburn grid function - 10x10 mm in size, 30 rows and 38 columns.

Then I wanted to add numerical coordinates to the bottom row and left column.

I wrote the number 10, then the number 20, which I wanted to duplicate with copy and paste. This caused the crash and the error message.

It’s possible this is fixed, as I’ve been working on a few different pieces related to text and copy/paste recently, and I’m unable to reproduce this crash. I’ll keep trying, and looking at the code around the crash report above.

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