LightBurn 0.9.14 no laser output

Hey Guys my lightburn 0.9.14 software has just stopped working. I used it yesterday and now no output to the laser, so I thought ok maybe a version problem so reverted back to 0.9.12 still narda. It runs the file but doesn’t turn the laser on, I on a Morn 1390 and using a Ruida 644XS. Needless to say I’m a bit miffed I had to go back and use RDwork to do the job for a customer which seems to work fine.
Maybe it a licence thing I just renewed it for another year but its broke now. Can anyone help?

To clarify, you are saying that LightBurn is not turning on the laser during the job, but RDWorks is? Does this only happen with that specific file, or does it happen with all files? Can you post a screen capture of your cut settings window for that file that does not turn on the laser?

Hi Anthony I haven’t tried with another had to get the job done. here are my settings for the file no different to any other time I of this particular job, normally i would use black layer for the fill but I changed it to blue with the same settings no difference. the green is not output just info. text on the page to remind of some things.

Responded via support email. If you switch to Line mode, this layer has the PWM Override setting enabled, and set to 1kHz. It’s quite possible LightBurn is paying attention to that setting even though it’s not visible in Fill mode. I’ll make the changes necessary to fix that, but I suspect turning that off will fix the issue for you.

Cheers Lightburn support, this is quite interesting I hadn’t gone back to the machine after having to reluctantly use RDworks to get this etching job done.
Now back to it, I loaded up the same file and changed the green setting to line change the frequency to 5khz then back to fill and ran it and woo hoo it went ok, so then I put it back to 1 khz ran again no problem very strange. Unfortunately I didn’t try it before changing anything.

One question I have is when I read the machine info in the vendor setting there is a Pre-ignition freq set 5000hz does this mean the lowest freq I can go to is 5khz or is it something else? if it is a low limit then if I set it to 1khz in lightburn then it might not be going below 5khz yeah nar maybe? what do you reckon
The ruida manual doesn’t really explain it I think something has been lost in the translation to English very vague
Cheers Andrew

Do you have a glass tube CO2 machine, or an RF excited tube? (the RF excited tube would be metal / ceramic). You would only use the pre-ignition with an RF tube. It’s also called ‘tickle current’ and it keeps the gasses in the tube ionized and ready to fire.

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