Lightburn 0.9.19 on OSX has layout issues

After upgrading to OSX Lightburn 0.9.19, the tools on the right hand side are maximized.
When I try resetting to default layout, it gets close but overlaps the top and bottom tiled windows in the tool view on the right. It randomly crashes now while trying to re-arrange things.

Which OSX, and please include the build number. What screen size and settings are you running?

OSX 10.15.7 (19H15) Mac Retna 15" Mid 2015
Laptop screen resolution: 2880x1800

I finally figured out what was going on once it reverted to 0.9.18, sort of.
The right pane for the tools was maximizing to make the workspace 0 size. Once I realized what was going on, I could slide the pane handle to make the tool windows their normal size. For some reason it kept going back to this maximum space. If I clicked on Reset to Default Layout, enough times, I’d crash Lightburn. This would happen every time I restarted the app. I finished my job, closed the laptop lid and now it appears to be working normally again.
I was using a Cohesion3D mini board running Smoothieware.

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