Lightburn 0.9.20 wants to download again

Yesterday I have downloaded and installed the latest version and when I start it now it wants to download itself again!
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LightBurn 0.9.20

since 0.9.20 was released it got few small fixes that were given the same version number.

It’s important to read the wording:


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You are right, but it is the same version that is downloaded!
LightBurn Update

Yes, it is the same version number externally. This is ok, and you should complete this update. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that it can happen that an update keeps the same version number.

An update for your version means it is the same version number, yes. It was a small patch to fix a single but significant bug and I didn’t want to push a whole new version for that.

So, it’s you the developer!

Yup. My fault. :slight_smile:

My respect for such a nice and performant program!


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