Lightburn 1.0.04, same version in two computers but "not same"

Hi, I ve installed this version in all of my two computers, but when I ve loaded a project in one of this (and it was created at the other), Lightburn tell me that can t recognize the font, so I ve seen that in one of this there are far fewer fonts. Someone can help me to understand why?
Also I have another question, why every time I disconnect and reconnect lightburn to my machine $32 turn always to β€œ0”? Thank you

Fonts are not part of Lightburn. You need to ensure they are loaded onto both machines - or if you don’t need to change them, you have converted the text to a path.

$32 will be a value sent by your laser controller. You may not be able to overwrite this value in the firmware, so it will reset every time you connect.


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