LightBurn 1.0.06 not opening web browser to doenload upgrade to 1.1.02

My license expired for upgrades, so I went to the Help tab and attempted to upgrade my license using the upgrade license button. Nothing happened, so I went back to the help menu and tried clicking on the Support forum selection, nothing again, My browser( Chrome current version) is open and I can access

I renewed my license there via Chrome browser. When I open LightBurn and check my license management it say I’m good for 364 days. When I click on check for updates it tells me that “a newer version (1.1.02) is available - would you like to download it?” When I click yes I get another popup box saying “The download will be handled by your browser. Please quit LightBurn and run the installer when the download completes.” I click on OK but nothing happens.

Can I just download the 64 bit from the website and run it or is there a “upgrade version”?


Yes. There’s nothing special about the built-in update process. Download, close LB if running, run installer.

Close LightBurn. Open the browser. Look at the downloads. There should be a LightBurn installer there. Launch / run / execute that thing. :smiley:

Some systems won’t let you launch installers that are in the download directory - but try it.
When that happens i drag it out of that folder and onto my desktop and launch it there.

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