Lightburn 1.0.06 not sending to Laser w/ Ruida Controller

I’m running Lightburn 1.0.06 to a Ruida 6445S. Suddenly without any apparent reason in the middle of a job, the software stopped communicating to the laser. I send the file with no problem on the software end but it doesn’t arrive at the controller. Checked all the USB connections, everything seems sound. I was on 1.0.04 when this started so I upgraded and restarted my computer (Windows). It’s still not responding. I need help getting back online as I am in the middle of a huge job! :cold_sweat:

I’m assuming a LAN connection is not an option you have, is that correct? it is generally preferable, also because it is faster and much more stable.
But if you need USB, then you only have the option to check all connections and try different and preferably short, insulated cables.

Unfortunately, there is no LAN option. I’m running a 15ft insulated USB cord but it’s new and was working fine until this morning. Will try another one just in case but so far nothing changed. Thanks for the input!

USB cables can sometimes be a pia, for my diode laser I bought and tried at least 6 different cables until I succeeded. Now I am very happy to have LAN on my new laser.
I hope for you that you get started again soon.

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